Certificate of Authenticity

The Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is an institutional document that legitimizes the originality of a work of art. It therefore contributes to preserving its artistic and economic value. Generally speaking, COAs include specific details on the artwork: where and when it was executed, the person or persons who participated in its production, the work’s exact title, its measures and the techniques involved in creating it, any specification worth mentioning, the year in which the certificate was issued and enough information to contact the person or entity issuing it.

At Galería Casa Lamm we have the capacity of issuing COAs relating to the works of the artists whose art we sell. When you acquire a piece with us you will also receive its COA. If the work was not bought at Casa Lamm, but the author is included in our list of artists, we will also be able to issue a COA in its regard.

Sitios de interés

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