Jorge Obregón - Mexico City, 1972.

jorge obregon mini

A graduate of the National School of Plastic Arts at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Obregón was awarded the Gabino Barreda University Medal of Merit. He has traveled up and down the country painting its landscapes, while his fascination with volcanoes has led him to the top of some of Mexico’s highest peaks. Making three-dimensional models of Mexico’s volcanoes allows him to apply his technical and scientific knowledge to his paintings, lending his art an inimitable quality, not to mention a myriad of perspectives that transmit the majesty of Mexico’s natural backdrops.

A die-hard excursionist, Obregón loves to paint au plein air, although he has a studio in the Florida district of Mexico City, where his obsessively mathematical mind-set is reflected in the orderliness of his work space.



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