Armando Romero - Mexico City, 1964

armando romero mini

Romero took a degree in Sculpture at La Esmeralda art school in Mexico City, where he went on to teach painting and art history. Since 1987, he has taken part in over 25 solo exhibitions abroad, including El Jardín de las Delicias at the National Museum of the Philippines, Manila; Portraits de cirque at Galerie Espacio in Morges, Switzerland, and XX Century Parade at the Tasende Gallery, Los Angeles, California, among others. In January 2012, after being absent from the Mexico City exhibition circuit for several years, he returned with Santos Recórcholis!! at the Casa Lamm Gallery.

Over the years, Romero has received numerous awards from the National Endowment for Culture and the Arts (FONCA), the International Studio Program in New York and the Rufino Tamayo and Alfredo Zalce painting biennials.



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