Carla Aparicio - Mexico City, 1971

carla aparicio mini

Aparicio, who holds a degree in Communications and Advertising, has always been drawn to the power of the image, which is why she decided to travel to the United States to explore her interest in photography by attending courses at the University of California, at the Julia Dean Photo Workshops, where she learned black and white developing techniques, and at the University of Santa Monica, from which she graduated as a professional photographer. Her work has been exhibited both in Mexico and the United States.

As authentic reflections of how she perceives the world around her, Aparicio’s photographs tend to "freeze" certain moments, objects or situations that move her, arouse her curiosity or have special meaning to her. The artist’s self-professed goal is to share the feelings these images stir up, allowing her to revisit them when the fancy takes her. 

Suspended in time and space, these “bare” emotions have been separated and abstracted from the rest of the composition. Light, contours, movement and contrast conspire to raise awareness, preserve memories or simply provide a source of peace and tranquility.

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