Paola Celada - Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, 1979.

paola celada mini

Deemed one of the country’s most promising emerging artists, Celada has a strong academic background, having studied design, the human figure, painting, art history, jewelry making, sculpture, museology, video and photography in Mexico, the United States, France, Italy and Spain. Her work reveals a pagan love of objects, while the violent, spontaneous strokes of her drawings speak to her inner passion.

Celada’s studio in Mexico City is her refuge. Here she spends hours on end wrapped up in her drawings and sketches and selecting objects for her plastic works. 

In 2005, she held her first solo exhibition at Guillermo Sepúlveda’s Arte Actual Mexicano Gallery in Monterrey, Nuevo León, and has continued to show here and in Spain. The Casa Lamm Gallery in Mexico City hosted her most recent exhibition in October 2013.



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