Opening: Saturday, August 29, 2015 

Main Gallery

It is not possible to discuss graphics arts in Mexico without talking about Enrique Cattaneo, who attended the Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas at Mexico's National University. He was barely 20 when he finished his courses, obtaining the degree of "Painter".

Mexico's most important galleries started seeking Cattaneo to edit and print the works of their contemporary and avant-garde artists. That is the case of Galería de Arte Mexicano, Galería Arvil and Galería de Juan Martín, to mention a few. He also contacted several companies in order to print graphic art by diverse authors for their seasonal gifts. Some of those firms were Cartón y Papel de México, Olivetti Mexicana and Tintas Sánchez.

Throughout his life as a printer, Cattaneo has kept alive his interest in painting, but he has not been able to devote the time that we would have liked to this artistic expression, since graphic arts are very demanding and each work is a challenge. Up to this date, he has had eight solo and thirty collective exhibitions. 

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