Siempre en otra parte (Always somewhere else)

 July, 2005

These paintings leave behind any aesthetic doctrine by opening up large emptyareas in which the landscape is barely hinted at with strokes and stains. Thus delimited, the canvass develops a schematic mode, closer to abstraction than to any figurative aesthetics- and this is something of a constant in Cattaneo's works. The uniformity of soft colors is broken by earthly hues, and forms are shown in their purest expression, eliminating anything that could distort the painting's true meaning. The track of absence and silence are the few referents for the viewer who confronts these austere surfaces where texture rules. We can only intuit some allusions to nature, a remembrance of travels past. According to the painter, "The memory of this landscape- sikes, cultivated lands, hills , trees, birds, flowers -has conditioned my way of being, of living, therefore also my way of painting."

-Miguel Angel Muñoz 


Printed catalog 

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