Expediciones. O la deriva como dibujo de la emotividad (Expeditions The drift as an emotional outline)

Opening: Tuesday, March 26, 2019. 

Elena Lamm' Gallery

To drift as an emotional outline

Throughout his thirteen year career in visual arts, the Brazilian artist Alê Souto (Rio de Janeiro, 1973) has caused a silent and increasingly abrasive relationship between the urban life and the distant geography created by remembrance.

With his strolls through his hometown – Rio de Janeiro – and on the streets of Mexico City, he organically incorporates graphic gestures, that appeal to the sense of transit and that mimic the language of these territories filled with multiple historical resonances, towards a pre-Hispanic past connected to the glutted digital and technological reality of the contemporary world.

The city is the tangled life of our anonymous defeats. It is the sectional glorification of immigration and of the permanent blend of cultures: the distorted sign of looting.

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