Recent works

  • Artist: Santiago Carbonell
  • Year: 1995

In his most recent works, light and shadows gobble up walls and scenery. The physical, the atomic dominates, with nakedness glorified by the light. A light perhaps taken from George de la Tour, who in the seventeenth century was obsessed by what emerges from the shadows when these clear out, or what appears when the light is contained. Carbonell makes fragments of increasingly elaborate, yet progressively simpler scenes glow in the dark. The narrative is minimized. An embrace, a profile, even the archetypal artist and his model are sufficient to exercise the high priesthood of painting.

Carbonell paints with optimism, and although he mistrusts the general process of painting, he still belongs to the sternest present. He has adapted the traits of his brand of realism to his search, a search embedded in a welter of images that represent our surroundings. His works simply represent themselves and his unparalleled love of art.

José Iturbe


Sitios de interés

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