Visión 51

  • Artist: Joan Durán
  • Year: 1995

September, 1995

Visual Space

Visión 51 was conceived as an infinite series of works capable of offering a fresh vision of the same oeuvre, depending on how the individual pieces are arranged. For Durán, the notion of the canvas as a space that frames the painting and confers it its category as a work of art is somewhat anachronistic and historically obscure. At the start of the twenty-first century, current forms of perception and art by its very nature cannot be confined to the canvas, just as a body of work cannot be limited to one single piece.

Accordingly, each painting in this series is an indivisible work that deploys its most intimate facets in adjacent resonance to the rest. The exact meaning of the group as a whole depends on how they are ordered and varies according to the exhibition venue –a logical and natural consequence of a work process that has been shaped by the artist’s trajectory.

Sitios de interés

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