Zoología fantástica (Fanciful Zoology)

  • Artist: Marco Aldaco
  • Year: 1997

March, 1997

Visual Space

Marco Aldaco is well known in Mexico and internationally as an excellent architect with his own particular style inspired by popular Mexican architecture, which he reinterprets with wisdom and a contemporary spirit.

Parallel to his work as an architect, Aldaco is a self-taught artist with a distinctive lyrical approach [...]

His muses and models hail mainly from the animal kingdom. Felines, birds, horses, seals, rams, whales, sheep, dogs and pigs that survived the flood in Noah’s ark live and play together in Zoología fantástica, an exhibition that brings together these and other memorable creatures crafted out of paint, marble, stone, clay, iron, bronze, polychromatic ceramic, gold and silver.

Germaine Gómez Haro


Sitios de interés

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