Bronce (Bronze)

  • Artist: Javier Marín
  • Year: 1998

Eroded Eroticism, Welded Purity
Ana Elena Mallet

Javier Marín's sculptures spring from an area shared by awareness about the body, the awakening of desire, and the fears of exploring the soul's inner space. The results are human figures full of movement that speak to the onlookers about themselves, their pains and yearnings. to extract the meaning concealed in those figures one has to observe them with care and patience; to feel the effects accomplished through the materials and forms that give them body and shape and those other effects conveyed by their movements, gestures and expressions. Materials and treatments reveal a language of plasticity that emphasizes technique, while postures and gestures transmit the beauty of their poetic message. 

Every new creation unavoidably implies a revision and re-evaluation of great previous works of art. Javier Marín's pieces make us think of classical sculptures and of the tradition of sculpting in bronze - a material that has been traditionally in use for public monuments. But Marín does not depict any heroes, only men incarnating their bare human condition the perfection of the material. 


Sitios de interés

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