Arte íntimo de la vida cotidiana (Daily intimate art)

  • Artist: Marco Aldaco
  • Year: 1999
Sunday, April 18, 1999


Marco Aldaco's artistic work is done in collaboration with a group of artisans from the Mexican state of Jalisco: cabinetmakers, blacksmiths, potters, ceramists, carvers, stone and marble workers, smelters and silversmiths. The thing they do, following all kinds of designs drawn by Aldaco's own hands and executed under his supervision, falls within the purest tradition of the great masters of architecture. Like them, Aldaco designs taking account of the surrounding landscapeand the inner space inhabited by man , to the last detail, just as William Morris did at the end of the 19th century, and Charles Rennie Mackintosh in Great Britain, Víctor Horta and the Austrian Josef Hoffman in Brussels, Antoni Gaudí in Barcelona and Frank Lloyd Wright in the Unated States, in the 20th century. All of them were immersed, in their respective countries, in the Arts and Crafts movement that was born with the Industrial Revolution, and that invites the architect to design all kinds of utilitarian and ornamental objects aimed at giving the user comfort and aesthetic pleasure. 
 - José Luis Espinosa y Ballcels -
Trad. Jorge Ruiz Esparza


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