Un instante solo

March, 1999

Main Gallery

My very first reaction before Luca Bray's paintings is to breathe in the fresh Mediterranean air. Even if his birth place was not really locates at the shores of these seas - he was born in Orzinuovi, Brescia, norhtern Italy, in 1971 -, I would consider him first of all a typical Mediterranean character. His paintings carry me ti the white landscapes of the Greek islands, the deep blue hues of the Amalfi coasts, the ethereal transparencies of Sardinian waters, the penetrating pitch black vault that gives those latitudes a deep sky full of stars, like few others. 
During these years, Luca's painting has evolved, stripping itself from figurative elements in compositions ve freer and opener. His daring and spontaneity are vital signs. His curent paintingsare almost completely abstract - although, I keeo asking myself how cosmos, nature, the surrounding world, are glimpsed between their essences and ther fleeting elements... In his painting, Luca speaks to us in a clear and direct language, with a measured tone of voice, firm though playful and very sure of itself. His paintings are clear examples of what can be transmitted without recurring directly to the recognizable image.

Germaine Gómez Haro

Sitios de interés

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