The voices of the earth

  • Artist: Saul Kaminer
  • Year: 2000
Wednesday March 1 - Wednesday April 5, 2000

Main Gallery & Visual Space

Creatioin in the dark
Saíl Kaminer's work is reminiscent of a range of terms common in literary discourse: metaphor, a term that uses the properties of objects and facts to describe another object distinct in nature; allegory, the gathering of metaphors that shape a significant anecdote related to an archetype; mythology, the sum of allegories that shape a body of knowledge, wich is transmitted through symbols within a community; and cosmovision, the sum of mythologies that represent a vision of the universe, a knowledge structured in accordance to feelings, rationalizations and related forms, a general source of interpretation to a vast gathering of social groups. 

The works in this exhibition express a new vision, articulated from themes and metaphors ccumulated in the artist's las 27 years of production. His ceramics and sculptures continue the allegories of his paintings. They make tangible a particular vision derived from Judeo-Christian religious traditions, the history of the human body and ancient architecture (Babylonian, Toltec, Juchitec, Zulu, Maori and others), as well as compositions of flemish primitives, the allegories of Renaissance art and film syntax.

José Manuel Springer 

Sitios de interés

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