Ecos de luz (light echoes)

  • Artist: Mónica Mariscal
  • Year: 2002
Mónica Mariscal. Free Spaces

As if each line were a poem, paint Monica discovers individual, unpublished and surprising universe. The trip made in his long artistic meditations which I would like to think like a -desencuentro- meeting, from radieante clearly associated with its beginnings to this unfathomable brightness of colors and lines that guide the evolution des or recent pictorial production, has led to consolidate a dazzling density will make your job.
I refer, of course, drifting that emerges with the overwhelming scale of these surfaces that the artist works with a combination of slight traces, delicate lines and soft lines, to settle one orofrafía uplifting threshold exceencia eternally poetic, and She discovered at a first time in Spanish painter painting Alber Rafols- Casamada. But also in the development of his painting, aesthetics lesson appears to be emerging more clearly. It is increasingly a line of painters whose sigiere poetic moods through color as Rothko, and in other works, in the expression of atmospheric and light variations as the line goes Turner to Monet.

-Miguel Angel Muñoz

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