Escultura simbólica (Symbolic sculurept)

  • Artist: Agustín Hernández
  • Year: 2002
February, 2002

Thus, it is the space in which this exhibition of his Vuya sculptural talent museology exhibitor is also due, as in the poem by Baudelaire is located, it becomes for the viewer in a passage (through forests of symbols / who observe it with looks family).
Also unusual and experimental use of new and traditional materials and the accurate and rigorous geometric design modulation, which involves a keen sense of order and balance, as well as the extraordinary caidad your bill.
Moreover, the inherent monumentality of the small-format pieces in this exhibition certainly owes something to his prolific work as an architect.
Also, their music creations arquuitectonicas-diferentas who have acquired body and occupy different places in space are not, strictly speaking, but habitable sculptures.

-Dr. Lily Kassner

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