Los Cuadros de Arena (Sand paintings)


Sergio González

It is difficult to give Javier Cruz one or another of those labeles with wich people like to tag creators of all kinds-especially artists, since there isn't any element, from the many he uses in his paintings, that stands out among the others. In this artist's work it is no possible to underscore color, texture, space or light, strokes or shapes: each and everyone of those factors mix harmoniously in order to recreate the "magical realism" existing in the world full of diversity that sorrounds us. 

This time, Javier is out to right the wrongs perpetrated by Latin American giant, Jorge Luis Borges, through his deep literary metaphors. Javier approaches the writer's oeuvre, but he doesn't try to illustrate either his whole work or any particular text. Instead, he puts in play the ideasand concepts that Borges handles and gives them a dimension of their own, leading to new metaphors whose strenght springs (merly) from what they suggest rather than from any other aspect that we might suppose. 


Sitios de interés

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