Paraísos internos (Internal Heaven)

September 2004

Charged with sensuality and a controlled madness, Pérez’ paintings are sumptuous, warm and sophisticated, but their philosophical undertones dominate their formal beauty. For this artist, painting is an act of retrocognition. This is the path that has allowed her to explore her inner landscapes and reconcile the inside with the outside, living time and dead time, only to discover that paradise is a utopia born of ephemeral contact with beauty, whose main attribute is evanescence. Pérez’s paradise is “a vision of redemption and relief, desire and need”. A desire that she portrays in works of essence and evanescence, mapped out by intuition with rhythm, cadence, balance and harmony. "With these paintings,” she says, “I have attempted to invent inner paradises; to weave, connect, reinvent geographies; to dream of new ties; to open up possibilities for communication; to cross physical and spiritual boundaries, and to live life to the fullest.”

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Sitios de interés

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