Via Sativa (Wild road)

  • Artist: Eduardo Rincón
  • Year: 2004

The Inner Seed

Eduardo Rincón combines his career as a biologist with his artistic talent. Both activities complement each other: the painter offers the scientist a different way of looking at and understanding life, and the latter helps the former to investigate thoroughly the subject of his work, which are guided by legitimate interests and needs. Both coexist in harmony in so far as they make up an inseparable unit. In his work - paintings, engravings, sculptures, intalaions -, this artist goes from forest to plant, from plant to fruit, from fruit to seed. Inside the forest, he approaches the tree and the soaking through it. He goes from shapes to colours , from colours to textures, an on to line which we recognize as belonging to world of plants to their inner geometric structures, as perfect as they are unfathomable. 

In this exhibit, art relates to nature, not as a model to be copied in landscape, still life or portrait, but as the consequence of a deeper, more intimate union where a familiar living form becomes an abstraction of itself, a true reflection of its complexity. Eduardo Rincón's present work probes what the naked eye can't see: a realm of tissues and lights where the eye of intuition reveals the soul of Nature's fruits, their own unique self. 

- Francisco Hinojosa


Sitios de interés

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