Código Propio (Own Code)

October 6 - November 24, 2006

Main Gallery

In Código Propio (Own Code), the artist draws on her past, while entertaining a dialogue with modern-day culture. For years, Edurne Esponda worked in the fashion and textile design industry, but when she took up painting, she had to learn a whole new language. This collection exteriorizes the world that absorbed her for so long. The result is an exchange and appropriation of the visual culture of fashion in terms of its impact on society. Fashion fabricates dreams, which translate into an image and, above all, status. But as an industry, fashion uniforms and standardizes us. And while Esponda is interested in dialoging with the viewer on the components of clothing and its implications, she wants that dialogue to have her personal stamp. To achieve this, she has used the depersonalized image of the bar code to create her own personal code.

Printed catalog

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