InterActivo (Inter Active)

Wednesday February 1 - Wednesday March 1, 2006

Visual Space

It is no coincidence that the encaustic technique is employed in these works. The dripping wax, the heat and pigments applied from a distance are tools sensitive enough to convey the artist’s creative intention. We know that between the ages of seven and eleven the mind begins to process sensory experiences. Buddhists call this state manovijnana. As of this moment, the structures of the mind are capable of ordered thought and are equipped to perform concrete operations, i.e. multiplication or division. This is where something magical occurs: this is the first structure that can adopt the role of all the others, truly assume a perspective other than the first person. In keeping with this line of thinking, Jaime Gil doesn’t just paint for himself, but for the world.

Visual walls and pillars, shadows, meetings and coincidences abound in his work. His abstract paintings transmit concrete sensations and emotions. Their format, materials and dimensions are an active part of the message. Chance, too, is at once a causal and destinal element of his work, for to the extent that he is surprised, we, too, are awestruck. Perhaps the best example of this are his small-format paintings of various shapes and sizes that can be arranged in different configurations, conferring them infinite possibilities and allowing the spectator to actively participate in the creative process.

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