Tierra de Fuego (Land of Fire)

  • Artist: Fernando Andriacci
  • Year: 2006

Wednesday March 8 - Tuesday April 4, 2006

Galería Planta Alta y Espacio Visual

Fernando Andriacci has a keen perception of circumstance. He walks, as only creative intuition permits, along two broad arteries that mutually support each other. One is the visual appeal of his work and the other a circumnavigation that matures in stormy weather. Here, the eyes of the viewer digest universal motifs; behind the folding screen we perceive the sensuality of the essential universe of which, as the great Cornucopia once said, we experience only isolated instants.

Tierra de fuego is not an exhibition of magical landscapes (the carpet on which most of the terminally ill with subcutaneous death fly aimlessly). Luckily, ordinary fetishes have not been summoned to rescue us. Because what are we if not earth? What better premonition than to see and feel ourselves as earth; see, smell, test the earth; stroke it, feel it run through our fingers; look, look at that squashed belly; look, look at the fire, the smoke...

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