Blanco Milagro Blanco (White Miracle White)

Wednesday September 5 - Friday November 30, 2007

Main Gallery & Visual Space

Eroticism, violence and movement coexist in this mysterious piece that reminds us of the best moments of contemporary Catalonian art, underscored by the more-than-intimate phrase “ti prendero, non scapare piu”. The diffused white areas on the left and lower sections contrast with the precise red line of the upper section, which is like a wound from which what could be a heart or maybe a stone dangles. In the end, it doesn’t matter which, for there is no denying the vitality of this series.

Luca Bray is a being in constant flux: Barcelona, Mexico, New York, Italy. As I write this, he is in China, on a trip that heralds a rupture of sorts. We’ll soon know. In the meantime, before leaving, he said that "painting this series of pieces was difficult. I need to rest. In order to paint, I need to travel, see other things. I don’t want to see the sea anymore."

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