Colores de la Tierra (Colors of the Earth)

Wednesday June 10 - Wednesday July 16, 2008

Main Gallery & Visual Space

Ocejo uses color and light to evoke different moments of the day or the seasons of the year, whether it’s the warm hues of a balmy spring twilight, the leaden tones of a crisp winter morning or the ungraspable chiaroscuros of a night illuminated by a full moon. Sometimes he alternates day and night, summer and fall on the same canvas with the aid of a varied color palette, subtly combining warm and cold shades, areas of light and shade, thick layers of paint and translucence. Under meticulously applied coats of paint, rich colors meld beneath the thin layer of wax that covers the surface, conferring the work a sensual, enigmatic opacity.

The paintings shown here are the fruit of two years of intense work. They denote both change and continuity. These imaginary forests comprise a homogenous group that reveals the personal convictions of an artist who has managed to capture a fragment of nature with freshness and spontaneity. Ocejo’s is an art of timbres and vibrations that draws strength from its power of evocation, a quality intrinsic to every poetic creation.

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