El Horizonte (The Horizon)

Wednesday April 2 - Wednesday May 7, 2008

Main Gallery 

It’s true Abelardo López resorts to Nature, that grandiose theme he represents in his own way without seeking to emulate it to perfection. He knows that such an exercise would be impossible, futile even, for reality can never be represented in all its atomic complexity. Yet he also knows that human ingenuity can sometimes translate into oil an aspect of reality we have all sensed, even if it has never been expressly articulated. And that’s exactly what he does.

Abelardo gives us his perspective; he depicts the clear horizon of his native Oaxaca, the infinite blue of its mountains and skies. He is a voice, a vision, no less, and on this apparently trivial merit he has established himself as a man who defends his individuality above all else. Maybe he will stand apart from the rest of us, from the masses, when his time comes, when he returns to the Earth for good.

But let’s not overlook other, equally interesting aspects of his work: the expectant acacias standing in solitude like man’s existence; the cornfields and their infinite shades of green; the supra-expressive reeds of the low valleys, overflowing with silent tranquility; or nature represented meta-naturally, the emphasis placed on its symbolic, horizontal meaning; all seen through the artist’s exceptional subjectivity. But these are just accidents, exquisite accidents that clothe Abelardo’s recurring existentialist theme: t h e  h o r i z o n

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