Los horizontes del tálamo (The horizons of thalamus)

  • Artist: Ricardo Fernández Ortega
  • Year: 2008
Under the arch of Life, where love and dies
And the mystery and terror guard their Fano, I' see
In his throne to beauty; more formidable look
As the air I respiiro naturally absorví.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Colorism and ease. Privacy and shock

Ricardo Fernandez painting gives us a wing renovated light and color of the issues that the artist has chosen as plastic and artistic dialogue sources privacy of female expression and imaginary spaces of dreams. The author records the experience transferred to canvas the great duality man / woman. Each work refers to tangible elements of contact between romantic partners: the erotic, intimate, domestic, but also moves, mediate pictorial brushstroke, a plastic world, which also figures serve not only to address the psyche the author, but to create apmlios figurative spaces in which we celebrate the color. The paletacromática emphasizes the use of white and red, nuanced, saturated and studied to give maximum impact.


The painter prioritizes the female presence in his work. His compositions are spaces where the woman is a character that suggests uncertain messages. She is the result of the refinement and lyricism of the forms taken by natural, in this case, the delicacy of the features and loose brushwork that create the character. L to exquisite woman Fernandez leads even timeless refinement, referred and celebrates the female, showing affinity with the old Flemish masters and the pre-Raphaelites fans. The expression is a cross between intimacy and ecstasy, as if the author takes us to a climax, the intimate world of the couple, their bowels, passions and wounds.


Fernandez domestic sphere is a pretext to freeze in time a space for a moment, a light bulb. In its observation of household units, the artist reflects on the chromatic possibilities of the place. Spaces celebrate the colors, the light and the uncertain time. Thus, in everyday life there is no time or definite time, but a celebration of shapes, shades and nuances and observation of nature.

-Marco Antonio Silva Barón

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