Zegache - Second Contemporary Art Intervention on the Eighteenth Century)

Tuesday December 1, 2009 - Wednesday January 6, 2010

Zegache, an exhibition organized by Casa Lamm, brings together the second collection of eighteenth-century mirror frames intervened by contemporary artists, and recent works by the artist Demián Flores.

It was back in 2007 that Flores learned about the Zegache project and began working with members of its community workshops, inviting 25 acclaimed contemporary artists to intervene replicas of eighteenth-century mirror frames. Proceeds from their sale made it possible to restore a fourth altarpiece at the Church of Santa Ana Zegache.

The intervened mirror frames are original works of art, with only five of each being reproduced, and constitute the culmination of a year’s work, while members of the community workshops worked on the objects and paintings by Demián Flores that also form part of the exhibition.

The Zegache community workshops are grateful for the support they have received for this project, which represents the continuity of an initiative that has the two-fold purpose of preserving the cultural heritage of the small town of Santa Ana Zegache, and of teaching its members a trade in different branches of the arts, so they may improve their lives and pursue their dreams.

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