Árbol Templo(Church Tree)

Friday January 1 - Friday October 2, 2010

Main Gallery 

In keeping with the enduring brushstrokes of Mark Tobey, Jordi Teixidor, Joan Hernández Pijuan and Ad Reinhardt, but also with their dense atmospheres and imaginative use of materials, Edmundo Ocejo continues honing his fascination with landscapes, which he exhibits under the beautiful and surprising dedicatory of –and I translate– “the wonderful reality of daily life”.

A technique that mixes drawing, encaustic and oils lends the artist’s landscapes an ambiance of splendor, but also the sensual sumptuousness of ashen flowers. The ochres, greens, blues and whites of this garden, with its sometimes blinding contrasts and oceanic grays that stir up black and cobalt violets, the deaf sparkling of ruby reds and a thousand shades thereof, have turned these landscapes into a bottomless pit of color; the cold meandering of beauty that skulks in the darkness to the exclusive delight of a verse by John Ashbery, a poet I greatly love and admire, and of this artist who knows he is protected by the poet’s cloak.

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