Thursday November 4 - Friday December 17, 2010

Visual Space

Alejandro Aldaco’s photos invariably remit us to shibui, the Japanese aesthetic of simple, understated beauty. In shibui art, the flower, as a living thing rooted in the earth, is a metaphor of the archetype of ephemeral splendor. Capturing its essence through its simplest of forms is tantamount to grasping for an instant the beauty of impermanence, one of the fundamental concepts of Buddhist philosophy, which is closely linked to this Japanese aesthetic. In Aldaco’s own words: “What is most important to me is contemplation. When contemplating, I discover the flower that the photo will give me and then I look for an interesting approach. From there on, I go with the flow.” In that flow, his subtle, yet powerful images are immortalized, images that excite our imagination and understanding with an ambiguity that projects a serene melancholy, the melancholy of the poetic act.

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