Líneas en la sombra (Lines in the Shade)

Friday October 1 - Friday October 8, 2010

Main Gallery 

A ceramist and painter of Mixtec origin, José Luis García has inherited the art of his people. This explains why nature is the spirit that breathes life into his creations. As he works, he listens to that inscrutable voice that said the same thing to the tlacuilos of old: what you make with your hands mirrors what is in your heart.

He misses his trees when he is gone, those roots that hug the rocks; their old trunks, their branches knotted by the caprices of the wind, the nostalgia that hides in their hollows, their scars, their exposed nests. How could he possibly resist rendering them in clay or giving them shape on canvas?

In Líneas en la sombra, low-fired burnished clay acquires the sublimity of ancient Mesoamerican “thin orange” ceramic. José Luis García, one of Oaxaca’s most acclaimed visual artists, turns trees into works of art by merely insinuating their outlines. “Trees of Certainty” is the title of this series, the same certainty with which the spectator knows he is witnessing memorable creatures:

“The trees that grew in my grandfather’s yard, the trees that lined the old road, the trees that populated the nights of my distant childhood, the sweet-smelling trees my mother used to lovingly talk to in her solitude.”

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