Saudades (Nostalgia)

  • Artist: Iola Benton
  • Year: 2010

Friday October 1 - Monday November 1, 2010

Elena Lamm´s Hall

Nostalgia is the fusion of two long-cultivated languages –painting and poetry– that accompany the artist on a highly personal, solitary search on which the silence of contemplation is inseparable from the murmuring of things. Color and the written word come together in an almost secret vision that reveals emotions, beauty, sensations. The cadence Lola maintains in both disciplines is the best illustration of her conviction and style, whose fondness for brevity belies its depth; a sense of profoundness accomplished by virtue of hard work and patience, that has produced an increasingly defined, mature and polished body of work.

The brushstroke and the word meld in a palimpsest; in the epiphany of art, the dreams caught between sleep and wakefulness wield their engendering force. Beginning and end, the creation of a work of art, be it a poem or a painting, pose the questions implicit to the world and its mysteries. Lola’s gaze comes to rest on the interstices, on the apparently simple things, complex by nature, whose essence she seeks out. And when she finds it, she shares with us the sliver of the world with which we peer into the brightness. Her work harbors a secret; penetrating it requires stopping, asking, listening to the whisper of the poem, sensing the onset of color.

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