Cantar de los cantares (Song of Songs)

  • Artist: Crispín Vayadares
  • Year: 2011

Wednesday February 2 - Thursday March 17, 2011

Visual Space

Crispín Vayadares’ motley birds would certainly not be out of place in Mexico’s lyrical jungles, inhabited by woodpeckers and parrots that are but a handful of foliage with a slice of sun on their heads. Like the chirpy characters of José Juan Tablada and Ramón López Velarde, the ones Vayadares paints belong to a timeless place, whose substratum emerges from the rural landscapes of his native Oaxaca, yet has no qualms about taking root in urban territory.

These are the fibers of the Tehuantepec Isthmus that serve as a backdrop to the artist’s vociferous birds; a sampling of a human expression that Eisenstein dreamed original and jungle-like, but that he himself modeled in his images as something oscillating between the urban and the rural, engendered by fantasy, but clothed in an incendiary carnality.

Less flesh and more song, the birds Vayadares paints have more feathers than bones. As they flit around, their shrillness acts as a counterpoint to the notion of harmony this plumed friend usually represents. These birds sing without the crackling of a branch to sway them, because they do not depend for support on crude matter, but on the artist’s imagination. They are a fortunate aggregate to the personal world of Crispín Vayadares, whose experiments with popular motifs are more akin to a bull’s-eye which, instead of concentric circles, is surrounded by textile designs and multicolored plumage.

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