Encounter With The Limit

Friday April 1 - Thursday May 12, 2011

Main Gallery & Visual Space

Luis Urrutia incorporates the materials, colors and images he comes across in daily life into his work. There is no profound reflection, just total, unbridled freedom. He breaks and arranges the wood and then uses sawdust and marble dust to add the texture that both parties –the artist and the piece– have consented to. Finally, the pigments are mixed with an agglutinating agent to give them body. An almost mathematical balance that the artist accentuates here and there with a dab of oil paint to complete the visual harmony. Yin and yang, male and female, a balancing act between force and subtlety, the perfect union that has you coming back, time and time again, for another viewing.

Painting, object art, obsession with limits and dreams, these works get under our skin as static objects that came to life. It’s as if the roles have been switched and they are the spectators in the gallery that represents our lives.

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