Semillas (Seeds)

Friday January 7 - Friday February 4, 2011

Main Gallery & Visual Space

Like the natural cycle of gestation, the seed represents perennial mutation. It is wisdom, mystery and revelation, the same guiding precepts of Virginia Chévez work, in which cold and warm hues, solids and transparencies, contained and voluptuous brushstrokes come and go, comprising a universe open to sensory and optical experiences. Variations on a theme, her paintings offer the possibility of playing with different states of mind; her compositions oscillate between peace and silence, rising in crescendo until they reach tones shrill as voices that resound in high-flown echoes. Her luminous palette of oranges, reds, blues, yellows, purples, coppers and golds has become more serene as white and pastel tones have taken over, emitting a hushed murmur that has gradually died into whisperings, murmurings and silent voices that give rise to new words.

Writers and thinkers like Tich Nhat Hanh, Thomas Merton, John C. Maxwell, Eckhart Tolle, Thomas Moore, Federico García Lorca and Pablo Neruda have helped shape the underlying philosophy of Virginias art. In this case, the exhibit is complemented by a text written by the artist herself, in which she says: “With the resolve of a seed well planted, a hint of reality suddenly sprouts forth.” Indeed, her non-figurative paintings clearly reveal the inner reality of the soul of an artist who has traveled the road of creation for 20 years sowing seeds with love and devotion, and reaping the beauty of a body of work of undeniable aesthetic quality.

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