Actos (Acts)

Wednesday September 5 - Wednesday October 3, 2012

Main Gallery 

Packed with color and movement, the circus has served as inspiration for countless artists. Inside the big tent, the limitations of the real world no longer apply and fantasy has free rein. The circus is a universe in its own right, where outlandish characters charged with symbolism tell stories as they perform juggling acts on the high wire.

Actos is the artist’s personal interpretation of the circus tradition, based on in-depth technical and iconographic research. Animals and humans defy nature and fuse into hybrid creatures, which the artist incorporates into his compositions to the rhythm of flying trapezes. Layers of paint and fragments of promotional materials, such as posters, tickets and billboards, are superimposed to create palimpsests of sorts, while the use of these graphic elements and typographic fonts, more closely associated with the field of design and mediums like silk-screen printing, lend a rich texture to his works.

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