De la Dualidad a la Unidad (From Duality to Unity)

Friday June 1 - Wednesday August 1, 2012

Visual Space

The concept of duality is as old as the hills. We became conscious of that inherent contrast between two interconnected entities from the moment we gained awareness of death and an appreciation of the concept of transcendence, which has its roots in our first encounter with the sacred and the profane, and the never-ending battle between the two.

Duality is present in every aspect of our lives: day-night, male-female, life-death. We are conditioned to see the world in black and white, a perception that needs to change. If we only stopped for a moment to reflect, we would realize that duality always arises from a whole; that there is only one world and that, although duality resides within us and is part of our lives, we are non-dual individuals.


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