Obra Reciente (Recent Works)

Tuesday March 6 - Wednesday June 6, 2012

Visual Space

Through the eyes of Abelardo López, we learn that the mountains of Oaxaca wax blue and that the maguey fields take on countless shades of green at a certain time of day. He literally paints the subtleties of blue on his watery horizons, sings odes to the epic spaces south of Yagul, the corn stalks, now green, now withered. Finally, he makes us yearn for the endless horizon with love and pain, and invites us to lose ourselves in it. Abelardo spurs our imagination and in the process brands his paintings with the seal of the true artist: the one who paints that which is invisible.

True to his rural roots, López converses with the earth. Yet he refrains from manipulating his beloved countryside, for he has discovered in his art a new form of communication, a relationship that manifests itself in a play of light on the canvas, where heaven and earth battle it out to gain ground on the edge of the painting.

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