Revelaciones (Revelations)

Wednesday September 5 - Wednesday October 3, 2012

Main Gallery & Elena Lamm's Hall

Julie Sassón’s works are brimming with light, passion and energy. In her paintings, you can perceive freedom and a myriad of perspectives. They exude warmth, emotion, beatitude and have their own symbolic resonance. The artist, with her mastery of space, composition and color, ploughs the depths, imbuing them with connotations beyond the obvious. That which is real acquires new meaning. Light, dark and evanescence etch footprints that transcend memory and find their origins in intuition, in metaphysics.

The paintings that comprise Revelaciones are the product of knowledge and skill inherited from the very best pictorial tradition, on which the artist draws to create a syntax of her own, stemming from her state of mind. Evocations of minimalism and Japanese impressionism dialogue with nature as recreated by Sassón, whose discourse is a cohesive, harmonious revelation of color and metaphors in movement.


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