Catarsis (Catharsis)

Miércoles October 9 - Wednesday November 3, 2013

Main Gallery & Visual Space

According to Aristotle, “catharsis is the faculty of tragedy to redeem or purify the spectator of his basest passions.” In ancient Greece, man represented the essence of spirit and thought. That’s why they bared what is good and bad about the human condition, since they believed that the audience would associate their own behavior with the play and, after the performance, were less likely to repeat what they had seen.

This exhibition brings us a new christening. One feels the water flowing, clearer skies, whiter and sharper vestments. The strength of Catharsis is closer to the light. We can clearly see dissipated shadows and an end to the frights of childhood monsters (they are still present, but endowed with domesticity). I seem to recognize some of her models, since they are family.

Mara Sepúlveda

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