Exposición XX Aniversario-Artistas Casa Lamm (XXth Anniversary Exhibition-Casa Lamm Artists)

Main Gallery, Visual Space & Elena Lamm´s Hall

The Governing Board of Centro de Cultura Casa Lamm is proud to celebrate the first 20 years of this flourishing, pluralistic and inclusive space devoted to the teaching and dissemination of the arts.

An essential part of this project has been Casa Lamm Gallery, which opened its doors in 1994 and was conceived of as a place for art research and dissemination, complementing the host of academic activities developed by the institution. The gallery is an open space where wide-ranging artistic events coexist through exhibition and special projects programs, with special consideration given to creative painting.

The gallery has a wide catalog of pieces by both well-known and emerging artists, and offers counseling to people interested in buying art and in starting or enriching a private or public art collection, and also to museographic projects.

The gallery’s staff is a professional group with training in several specialties. During the past 20 years they have organized more than 300 exhibitions and published 200 printed catalogs with texts written by contemporary art critics. These printed catalogs have been registered at the ISBN.

In fact, one of the gallery’s main goals has been to document in printed form our exhibitions. For this purpose, in recent years we have received generous support from Grupo Romo. This has allowed us to build a remarkable memoir of our years of labor in the artistic realm. We gratefully acknowledge this outstanding publishing company that has kindly helped Casa Lamm and its artists.

Grupo Romo is now publishing this work, Artistas de Casa Lamm en sus talleres (Casa Lamm artists and their studios), that presents an assortment of creators working in different media illustrated by images of their workspaces and studios. They are thus depicted at work and revealing their creative personalities. Exhibitions are the last step in a process that involves work and experimentation by the artist, and Casa Lamm has always been concerned with supporting, acknowledging and guiding this process, to the best of its possibilities, with the aim of exalting the work of art’s qualities by showing it to the public.

We gratefully acknowledge all creators that have taken part in Casa Lamm Gallery’s exhibitions. We thank them for giving us their trust, and also for sharing with us their priceless artistic contributions and their work processes, and for establishing an open and pluralistic dialogue with our audiences and us. It is an honor to work with such a strong and versatile group of creators, all of whom form part of our Casa Lamm “family”.

Galería Casa Lamm

October 2013


Printed catalogue Virtual catalogue


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