[ºK] Espectros de Color ([°K] Color Spectrum)

Wednesday January 16 - Wednesday February 13, 2013

Main Gallery & Visual Space

The temperature of color is measured in Kelvin degrees; when a black volume is heated it emits a multi-colored light depending on its temperature, however, the color temperature is not related with the real temperature- which is a scientific fact. Through daily experience temperature and Kelvin degrees have no direct relation with colors.

Kelvin Degrees – Spectres of Color plays with the ambigous relation of photography with its referent. Even though the camera is a technical apparatus that allows scientific “objectivity”, it is also true that like any other tool this is used as a vehicle to obtain individual and cultural goals.

Eduardo Dayan , moved by the eagerness of transforming the world in a eurythmic and fractal paradoxical “cosmos”, transits like an anphibian from the scientific objectivity to the personal creativity in search of order and beauty within nature´s and culture´s artificiality. Throughout Dayan´s work we find a recollection and grouping of manifestations of this “order” not present in visual phenomenum to exhort us to contemplate everything around us: the light and the logos constituing pieces of almost spiritual silence. He bets to the register that turns into the main photographic gesture, his unexhaustible compulsive shot together with a thorough and surgical discipline.

Armando López Muñóz
Academic Director of the Academy of Visual Arts, Mexico City


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