La vida es sueño (Life is a dream)

Tuesday April 9 - Wednesday August 14, 2013

Main Gallery & Visual Space

It perhaps happens that the creative process of painters, such as Javier Cruz and other of his contemporaries, is not the result of turning their back to reality, but of giving it a specific visibility, a structure, certain features that are above all meant to satisfy the painter’s own vision, in his character of first spectator of the painting. This vision turns out to be an enigma, because it includes an inevitable rhetoric about its own production, but also due to a phenomenon that might be called “visual concupiscence” that authors like Maurice Merleau-Ponty have pointed out. It is such concupiscence that binds Javier Cruz to the kind of paintings that have been produced in Oaxaca for several decades. This doesn’t mean that Javier follows Oaxacan artists, from Rufino Tamayo onwards, but that he has borrowed certain techniques that can be identified with what writer and critic Andrés Henestrosa called the “Oaxacan school”, without implying that its members shared certain common features based on a supposed “Oaxacan imaginary”.


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