By hand

  • Artist: Cristina Palacios
  • Year: 2014

 Wednesday May 21 - Wednesday May 28, 2014

Main Hall

Octavio Paz used to say that all translations are modifications. Following that premise, translations would be, to a certain extent, inventions from which other creations spring –some kind of interpretive art that generates new forms of expression. Translating a bi-dimensional work, be it a painting or drawing, to an alternative medium, like silver jewelry, implies a strenuous work of interpretation that endangers its productive process. Cristina Palacios, the renowned jewel designer from Oaxaca, recreates the works by four celebrated visual artists: Francisco Toledo, Luis Zárate, Rubén Leyva and José Villalobos. She thus gives shape and a very personal appreciation to the fantastic language of these creators. It is a translation that becomes a fortunate recreation. In complicity with the artists, Cristina lets her imagination soar and reinterpret their motifs adding a subjective hue, without being unfaithful to the original. We are always able to recognize the artists’ language in the stylized forms achieved by the goldsmith.

Francisco Toledo’s fantastic zoology struts in a dreamlike dance of crabs and shrimps that alternate glazes and oxides with soft sparkles of colored enamel. Horses, birds and exuberant bodies escape from Luis Zárate’s vehement canvases, giving shape to sensual evocations of a paradise lost. Rubén Leyva contributes a playfulness resulting in kaleidoscopic geometric figures that people a cosmic universe full of endearing characters that take us back to childhood’s spirited years. José Villalobos eyes the world from a telluric dimension and gives us a vision of earth through unreachable organic forms whose tectonic strength is translated by Cristina in subtle sensorial landscapes.

With a sorceress's fingers, Cristina Palacios decomposes and reassembles artist-generated images. She molds her fantasies and uses fine silver treads to erect extensions to her dreams. We glimpse the design of her chosen visual creators through an alchemist’s wise hands. She decants in these beautiful pieces the playful spirit of the original artworks’ creators.

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