Deseos (Desires)

Wednesday March 12 - Tuesday May 13, 2014

Main Gallery & Visual Space

One of the early photo creations made by Miguel Milló for his first solo exhibition (Origins, 2012) was entitled Gea, in poetic allusion to the primordial goddess who personifies Mother Earth, from which all divine races arise. It is not in vain that this reference to the mythical origins of humanity has been the inspiration for a work that seeks to reflect the harmony between man and nature, through the powerful beauty of plants, flowers and organic materials that the artist discern with the sensuality of the human figure. According to the creator, his recent work gathered in Desires "talks about burned skin, about the continents’ resurgence, the birth of plants”. Milló constructs complex compositions in which painting, sculpture and light and shadow are blended to create subtle and poetic atmospheres where the veiled eroticism is the main protagonist. In his images, the human being is a metaphor for the fertile land flowing with life, an overflowing, completed, throbbing life.

In his previous work, Milló focused exclusively on the female figure, while this series has incorporated the male body. He does not like to refer to their models as “naked” as the complex process of intervention that he perform in their figures, somehow ends up “dressing” them. One can say that the naked bodies are blank canvases that the artist “intervenes” with paint and pigments, and coated with the most extravagant decorations created by himself from all sorts of branches, herbs, barks, flowers, fruits, plants, getting his adventurous explorations in the cellars of the markets, which are to him as the cave of Ali Baba. What for the common eye may be useless branches, to Milló are precious material where amazing headdresses, necklaces, bracelets, pectorals emerge, which adorn the slenderness of the male and female bodies, providing them with a mystical aura. Beyond talking about pictures, his works are plastic interventions of extreme sophistication, which are then captured by the lens. His exhibitions have a lot of sculptural and theatrical, of light, volume and texture experimentation. “The plants talks to me, the body talks to me –points Milló–, and I let myself go”. And the emotions are those expressing the last word.

Germaine Gómez Haro 

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