El vaho de la tierra, ese gran animal (The breah of the earth, that large beast)

Wednesday July 16 - Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Visual Space

His latest exhibition, El vaho de la tierra, ese gran animal (The Breath of the Earth, That Large Beast), strives to make us feel the pant of clay, the effluvia emanating from the hands that shape it. But it is not any kind of breath; it is an exhalation that, according to pre-Hispanic mythology, only the mystically gifted can produce –a waft that becomes the breath of life. It is thus that José Luis García’s ceramics transform and amalgamate the four elements of being –earth, fire, wind and water– into a primordial silt. Otherwise, what would the amazing fauna that inhabit his work do? How would they breathe, submerged in its primeval sludge?

Cuauhtémoc Peña
June, 2014


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