Afecciones Urbanas (Urban affections)

Opening: Saturday November 28, 2015

Tarkovsky's hall

Among the impossibility of opportunity, the desire to live and a desire for membership and belonging; the individual has produced its home according to its economic possibilities in what can be termed as "informal construction", which already lived since the beginning of the century. This type of construction has become a living ruin, ie, is functional in that it remains a housing but the effect of weather conditions on materials, experience an early decomposition.

It's so through parts of Ana Hernandez, Andres Lopez, Monica Muñoz Cid, Roberto Rugerio, Norma Sandoval, Cuatecontzi Santos, Cesar Lopez, Omar Bocanegra, ALA College and Mata Tlahuac; this exhibition aims to address and raise awareness of the problem of housing and its footprint in the transformation of the urban landscape, and this the main condition in the city, caused by a mixture of the desire to live and restlessness space left by the failed modernity .

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