Seres imaginarios (Imaginary creatures)

Opening: Wednesday November 11, 2015

Main Gallery & Visual Space

Playing around with an idea of reality that provides myriad ontological alternatives to his gaze, painter Javier Cruz declares that the inspiration for creating his fantastical imaginaries comes to a great extent from literature. However, we can also attest to a pictorial space in his work, where bestiaries and paradoxes coexist with beings that "move" in a futurism-like manner. They fly like Chagall creatures and copy themselves over in an ever diminishing scale, or they repeat themselves in spectacular representations –like parallel mirrors multiplying themselves into infinity–, as a result of confronting other realities and bumping into them.

In his own, very personal style, Javier Cruz is the creator of a series of surfaces. On them, pictorial elements engage in playful fighting to generate a kind of surrealism that reminds us of the Altamira Caves, with their oneiric games, archaic tracks, magical ceremonies, lost loves, nocturnal encounters. As art critic Raquel Tibol said : "In his book, La pintura del siglo XX. 1900-1974, Jorge Romero Brest had promised to write extensively about that 'kind of Mexican surrealism'." If he had done it today, he would have to include Javier Cruz alongside Rufino Tamayo and Francisco Toledo (his first choices at the time).

María Helena Noval
Cuernavaca, Morelos


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