Árbol, rama y tiempo. Eterna naturaleza. (Tree, branch & time. Eternal nature)

Opening: Wednesday, April, 18, 2018.

Elin Luque's Gallery & Cecilia Gómez Haro's Gallery

By Avelina Lésper

The spirits of eternal Nature speak and sing for those who are righteous enough to listen – the kind of people who possess the slow and silent wisdom needed to inhabit a present that partakes of the intangible. Trees carry forward the cycle of life, and their corporeality teaches us how to accept and revere our daily invading and defining transformation. Their voice has the tonality of fruits and is modulated by the weather. It paints itself up in shades of day and night. Trees sing their seasons in recitals where harmony is an embracing and protecting spirit taking its music towards the essence of being and the cosmos. Starting with the seeds, the tree-cycle joins the movements of celestial bodies. Branches rise to touch the moon and the stars, striving to embrace the sun. Their powerful roots are a secret fortress springing from the soil to sustain the might of their trunks, seeking to quench their thirst with the primeval fluids of knowledge. Roots are a dark replica of shinning branches: their unstoppable and daring flight happens underneath the soil and flourishes in the form of an unpredictable architecture.

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