Resurrección (Resurrection)

In this exhibition, Aceves pictorially approaches the themes of The Descent, The Passion and The Fall. This is a theology of redeemed flesh, mannerism, the baroque and suspension in the chiaroscuro of mystical turmoil. In the face of a nihilism sparked off by transcendental vulnerability, Resurrección–Auferstehung seeks to restore communication between the temporal and the timeless, with an installation aimed at believers and skeptics alike, amid slivers of light and shade, silence, expectation and indecision.

The paintings on show are directly related to a project to be developed at the church of Saint-Louis de la Salpêtrière in Paris, France.

Convinced as we are that paintings can contain and even burst the banks of the habitual world of the passerby, we present a project that preserves a patina of tradition and at the same time makes a decisive break with any intentions of radical autonomy, limited ways and formats. In this case, the artist is specifically concerned with the problematic embodiment of passages from the Bible: The Passion, The Descent and the Fall. Passages that, in order to fulfill their sacred meaning, not surprisingly need to be exhibited in places whose four walls, atmosphere and context invoke departed gods.


Sitios de interés

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